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June Ball
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June Ball
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Athens Ford
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Saturday, September 7th, 2013 - Saturday, October 26th, 2013
an international exhibition

pre-order through Sept. 7

September 7 - October 26, 2013

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 7

Member Preview 5:30-6PM / Open to the public 6-8PM

Curated by Darin Beasley + Hope Hilton

Athens, GA, USA – August 7, 2013 –  
What happens when something on the internet becomes tangible? When experiments come off of the screen and into real space? What shifts occur in our psyches and experience? CONTENT is an exhibition that connects the art of the essay, poetry, fiction, photography, drawing, sculpture, video, film, music, and performance - almost all culled from the internet. Hosted by ATHICA: Athens Institute for Contemporary Art, the curators, Darin Beasley (Marco Polo Arts Mag, Tiger Train) and Hope Hilton (Artistic Director, ATHICA), are bringing the world to Athens, Georgia, USA on September 7, 2013.

Although the dawn of the world wide web has graced us with more global perspective philosophically, we believe that we also crave the physical accounts of current ideas in 3-D (holding a book, looking at a painting, walking around a sculpture). This event continues and explores ideas behind the works, results in an unusually personal international conversation which is inspiring a new wave of thinking and collaborating in reality. The alchemy of CONTENT is in bringing artists together from all over the world via digital social communication, and then placing their work in an exhibition space that is a physical alternative reality to the web.

CONTENT features over 70 national and international artists from France, Germany, Mexico, Japan, Spain, London, Austria, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Ireland, and the US, as well as over 25 local artists. With the ease of technology we are able to connect beyond previously prohibitive boundaries and have the ability to collaborate via email, social media, and artist websites to make conversations happen from all points of the globe. Artists, writers, and thinkers together have a platform that is both global and intimate, usually without the restrictions and degradation of politics, religion, and war. Futurist Arthur Clarke pronounced in his pivotal 1962 essay Hazards of Prophecy: The Failure of Imagination that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” This is our launching pad.


CONTENT will be a boxed collection of individual work by over 70 artists, writers, and philosophers from over 25 countries. Presented in a limited-edition, hand-screenprinted corrugated box, the interior will resemble a portfolio or accumulation of work, making the publication also have the ability to explode beyond the book form and inviting viewers to spend time with individual works as well as with the whole. Along with several emerging artists we are excited to include such notorious writers as Sabrina Orah Mark and Ariana Reines as well as New York-based visual artists Hollis Kulis, Ridley Howard, and the London-based collective Coffee + Sponge.

A collaboration with Athens, Georgia’s Double Dutch Press, we are creating an edition of 250 to be distributed nationally and internationally and available for purchase in the gallery and the web.


Addison Adams Georgia

Forrest Aguar Georgia

Malcolm Alexander Georgia

Susanne Assmann Germany

Antonio Barrientos Mexico City

Sarah Beckwith Philadelphia

Max Beeching Georgia

Tarik Berber London

Joshua Bienko Tennessee

Benjamin Blaquart France

Josiah Tate Burns Santa Cruz

Sarah Chacich Brooklyn

Holly Coulis New York

Anna Cox Georgia

Anthony Cudahy Brooklyn

Gabriel Cymerman-Bird Georgia

Santiago de Paoli Argentina

Kim Deakins Georgia

Valentina Dell’Aquila Italy

Lisa Duroux France

Régis Fabre France

Jeff Fallis Georgia

Jennifer Farmer (Coffee+Sponge) London

Andy Giannakakis Georgia

Christopher Dede Giddens Georgia

Baptiste Grandin France

Susana Guadencio Portugal

Emily Hadland Georgia

Jennifer Hartley Georgia

Prosper Hedges Georgia

Jenny Gropp Hess Georgia

Stephen Gropp Hess Georgia

Brian Hitselberger Georgia

Ridley Howard New York

Hamlin Jackson Georgia

Kristin Karch Georgia

Justin Klocke Georgia

Cody John Laplante New Hampshire

Brittany Lauback Georgia

Scott Lawrence Brooklyn

Tyler Leslie Georgia

Sean Lotman Kyoto

Sabrina Orah Mark Georgia

Kellianne McCarthy Philadelphia

Joy McKinney NYC

Jessica Mein UAE

Erin Moore Georgia

Mickaël Muraz Paris, Dublin

Alejandro Negueruela Bilboa

Samuel Overington (Coffee+Sponge) London

Daniel Scott Parker Chicago

David Phillips Los Angeles

Jeffrey James Prater North Carolina

Remo Rauscher Austria

Kathryn Refi Georgia

Ariana Reines Brooklyn

Christine Sajecki Georgia

Andreas Scheffer Berlin

Spenser Simrill Georgia

Laura Solomon Georgia

Emma Spertus Oakland

Aja Steele Georgia

Maya Stein Georgia

Cullen Toole Georgia

Steven Trimmer Georgia

Anna Watson Georgia

Elvia Wilk Berlin

Mary Wilson Georgia

Jim Winters San Francisco

Anthony Wislar Georgia

Maximilian Woehler Germany

Mathew Wojciechowski Seattle

Zachery Wood Brooklyn


September 10, 2013: CONTENT @ 40 Watt Club with local acts Spirit Tramp and Flash to Bang Time as well as poet Cody John Lapante (New Hampshire/Chile/France), 8PM

September 14, 2013: CONTENT @ Caledonia with local acts Strays, TS Woodward, Glasscrafts, The Visitations, and Darnell Boys, 8PM

September 15, 2013: Collage Club @ ATHICA, bring your scissors, glue sticks, + magazines to our monthly collaging event in the gallery, 2PM

September 21, 2013: CONTENT @ ATHICA presents a performative lecture A tale of mathematical art and friendship with local mathematician and artist Jason Cantarella, 6:30PM, with reception and games at 7:30PM

September 22, 2013: CONTENT @ The World Famous w/ locals Revien and Pocketful of Claptonite, 8PM

September 28, 2013: CONTENT @ ATHICA with poet and guitarist Misha Feigin (Kentucky/Russia) and improvisational singer Jill Burton (Florida), hosted by Killick, 7PM

October 5, 2013: CONTENT @ The World Famous hosts internationally-acclaimed poets Ariana Reines (NYC), Daniel Scott Parker (Chicago), and Sabrina Orah Mark (Athens), 7PM

October 13, 2013: CONTENT @ ATHICA presents a gallery tour and art project for kids and their families, presented by co-curator Hope Hilton and several CONTENT artists, 4PM

October 17, 2013: CONTENT @ ATHICA hosts a gallery walk-thru with the curators at 4PM followed by a community discussion on the influence of the internet on a contemporary and global art practice - part of ATHICA's series titled HUB: for artists + art-lovers to discuss timely topics, 5PM

October 20, 2013: Collage Club @ ATHICA, bring your scissors, glue sticks, + magazines to our monthly collaging event in the gallery, 2PM

November 2, 2013: CONTENT @ Go Bar with collaborative performance by Cullen Toole and Hamlin Jackson, music and dancing late into the night with DJ Mahogany


Celebrating our 10th anniversary, ATHICA is revitalized in its mission to educate and inform our audiences about topics relevant to our exhibitions by providing a space that encourages innovation and discussion. With interdisciplinary panel discussions, individual artist presentations, video screenings, collaboration with local non-profit groups, and contemporary art activities for children, ATHICA is the hub for new ideas in our region, providing a venue for dialogue concerning contemporary art and its role in society. Visit www.athica.org to learn more.


ATHICA is open on Thursday from 1-9PM and Friday/Saturday/Sunday from 1-6PM. Admission is by donation and free for members. Free street parking is available.

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