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General Submission Policy General Calls:
Intermittently ATHICA issues a General Call for proposals from curators, collectives & artists with challenging, progressive or innovative focused projects or cohesive bodies of work.

Only those who have developed ideas/projects along these lines
should take the time to submit a proposal. The specifics of a General Call Submission will be explained in the field to the right when an imminent deadline is issued.  We ask that General Call Submissions not be sent at other times.

Artists and Curators should be aware that we generally look for focused themes that are timely and not media specific.
(Groups of artists whose work have little in common, other than being friends who think it would be fun to show together are discouraged from submitting.)

We never charge fees for submitting works to this or any other Calls. We often offer curators stipends for their labors, and sometimes offer financial support for artists' travel, shipping and project materials on a case-by-case basis.

Calls for Entries:
Throughout the year we issue Calls for Entries for specific thematic exhibitions which have been pre-curated to some extent; details for submission to those exhibitions also appear in the field to the right when current.

In summer 2007 we started a new program to help emerging regional artists gain visibility called ATHICAEmerges. Run during our summer slot, this semi-annual exhibition is curated, but is markedly different than our main season offerings in that it focuses on artists who can install their own work and are not subject to the limits of specific thematic explorations. First-time curators are often assigned to these projects. However we still seek Mission-appropriate projects, i.e. work we deem challenging, progressive or innovative. And thematic concerns have been applied during the slection process for a given iteration. (We also offer space to artists when available via a 4Lease program with none of these parameters.) Deadlines for submission to ATHICAEmerges varies from season to season, but tend to be listed in late spring and the details are posted in the field to the right when current.

General submission notes:
Please note that we are able to accommodate large-scale sculpture and/or installation (Please see Our Space for images and a downloadable floorplan).
Projects that depend on darkness or enclosed spaces are not advisable, unless the artist can supply labor and materials to create internal spaces in an open and naturally lit space. We do not own video projection equipment at this time.

Please read our Mission Statement and visit the Past Exhibitions pages to get a more specific sense of our criteria for inclusion.

Because of limited staff, we apologize that we are not able to respond to every entry, but will contact you if we are interested.

We prefer that you submit questions via email to exhibitions[at]athica.org and not on our phone machine.

We occasionally provide travel stipends or shipping assistance for physically large projects, and free or subsidized lodgings during artist installation visits.

We never levy fees from artists, we do not take sales commissions or operate as dealers, there is never an entry fee or prospectus for an exhibit.

A non-profit arts venue, we opened in
March 2002 with a mission to provide a venue for the dissemination of innovative, challenging and progressive concepts advanced via aesthetic means.

We have a relatively small budget, and an almost entirely volunteer staff. We fortunately often receive great press, have large openings--460 is a recent record--and receptive audiences that number from 600 to 800 each exhibition. We have exhibited more than 900 artists since opening in March 2002. 2/3rds reside outside the southeast region of the US, and a small number have hailed from Canada, Europe and South America. We mount between four and five exhibits annually, averaging
6 to 8 week runs.

We match curators with projects that are chosen during our annual Exhibition Committee Selection meeting, typically locally-based individuals with expertise in a particular subject area and an interest in experiencing the curatorial process or expanding their curatorial range.

Artists' submissions may be retained for a number of years until an appropriate project arises.

We are located in a vibrant college and music town. See our CVB for more on Athens, GA.

ATHICA seeks submissions for:

Third Act: an exhibition exploring attitudes towards aging

Curator: Lizzie Zucker Saltz

Run Dates January 18 - March 2, 2014.

Deadline: 10/18/13 

Innovative series or projects in any medium will be considered, with an emphasis on works that address changing attitudes as we live longer or personal experiences as either a caregiver or an elder. 

Most artists already booked--looking for a few more good souls.

Please email low-res jpgs or urls and artist statement to the curator at 3rdactathica [at] gmail.com (please do not use the gallery contact addresses).

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