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Larry Forte, exhibit logo & identity graphics

next up:
January 21 - March 4, 2012
For pick-up of your
acquisitions please email:

We are proud to report
that artists helped us
raise $660.00
for OCCUPYAthens!


Affiliated Events:
SAT. DEC. 17

1:00 - 3:00 P.M.
w/kids program
opening party:
7:00 - 9:00 P.M.

Thank You:

*Everyone is invited to participate in the Draw-In!
Make art
side-by-side with your fellow OCCUPY activists & sympathizers!  Add your pros and cons to the 99 cent wall.
Thank You:
Sage Rogers, the ATHICA Education Coordinator will OCCUPY your kids with creating projects that may become a part of the exhibition (if they wish, or they take their art home with them). Kids will choose to either create flags with their thoughts & images that will be strung together and hang from the rafters during the exhibition, or create works for the 99 cents wall.
All ages welcome. Free

Sunday - Jan. 8th:
Closing Balance Day
3:00-4:00 |

WALK-N-TALK - Artists & Organizer
s discuss the exhibit.
4:00-5:30 |
Exhibit Photo
Performances & HALF-OFF Sales with:
- Showyn Walton: spoken word
   The Human Condition vs. Capitalism:
   A Love Story?
Exhibit Photo
- Grectchen Elsner & Puppeteer Pals:
  Cops Hate Giant Puppets
- Anni Paisley: singer/songwriter
- Ed Burmilla
  An Occupy Comedy Routine
- Serson Brannen: Spoken Word & Digital Theremins
- Savvy Dee: DJ
Exhibit Photo

Left to Right: Comedian Ed Burmila, Musician Serson Brannen

5:30-6:00 |
Reception & Announcement
$ raised for OWS.

This Event is Free to the Public.
Kids welcome; come add to
our 99
cent wall!

All works will be Half-Off
for the day!
Sales benefit the
OCCUPY movement.

Thank You:

continues all show:
Add your thoughts to the 99’ wall, take away someone's drawing for 99’.

Thank You:
Ryan Ford
Saturday, December 17th, 2011 - Sunday, January 8th, 2012
This is What Democracy Looks Like
Exhibit Photo
Exhibit Photo
Jason Lee Gimbel, OCCUPY My Portrait Jeff Owens, OWS Bull (2011)
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  • ...a benefit exhibit in support of Occupy Wall Street
    Works for $99, $9.99 & .99’

    Ryan Ford            
    Organizer: Tatiana Veneruso  • Exhibition Concepts: Lizzie Zucker Saltz

    Organizer's Statement:
    We are the 99%. This is our collective voice. We have something to show you. This is what democracy looks like…

    Inspired by Occupy Wall Street movement, we are coming together to share our stories and raise awareness of a collective dissatisfaction with the socioeconomic state of our country and its increasingly imbalanced distribution of wealth.* Alarmingly, our democracy is rapidly losing the capacity to be "for the people, by the people."

    We are harnessing the power of artistic expression as a means of peaceful protest.
    Left to right: Jasey Jones, Jubilee (2011), ceramic / The Sartoris, OWS Atlanta (2011), poster / / Sam Barton, Untitled (2011), watercolor

    The artists in this exhibit come from many different walks of life and work in all media: 2D, 3D, video, installation and performance.

    The majority of the proceeds* will benefit Occupy Wall Street protest organizations, providing support for food, supplies and legal fees.

    Transparency - Sustainability Statement:
    *Some of the proceeds will be shared with any artists who opt for a 60-40 split as well as 10% to recoup ATHICA's costs, the hosting non-profit art organization.

    Participating Artists

      Pig (2011) Jeremy Hughes
    Anonymous • Jeremy Ayres • Samantha Barton • Taylor Bareford • Ed Burmila • Melissa Ann Clark • Tobiah Cole • Kim Deakins • Savvy Dee • Laurel Denham • Gretchen Elsner • John English • Will Eskridge • Ryan Ford • Luke Fields • Jason Lee Gimbel • Brock Gordon • Brian Hitselberger • Jeremy Hughes • Jasey Jones • Missy Kulik & Raoul Cruz • Liz Ladd • Jeff Owens • William Palmer • Sandy Parsons • Havivah Z. Saltz • The Sartoris • Noah Saunders • Michael Scoggins • Jul & Justin Sexton • Jessica Smith • Patrick Spague • Erica Strout • Pete Talbot • Emmanuel
    Taati • William Urmson • Zuzska Vaclavik • Tatiana Veneruso • Showyn Walton • Mike White • Lauren Williamson • Judi Wright

    & contributors to the 99’ wall.

    We recommend you get your information from the source:
    OCCUPY Athens, GA
    OCCUPY Wall Street
    OCCUPY Attendees World Map
    OCCUPY Atlanta
    OCCUPY Together
    Common Dreams: OCCUPY Overview by Jurist:
    The Future of the Occupy Movement
    OCCUPY Design

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