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Left to Right: Comedian Ed Burmila, Musician Serson Brannen

This Event is Free to the Public!
Kids welcome; come add to
our 99 cent wall!

Sales benefit the
OCCUPY movement:
All works will be Half-Off
for the day!

Thank You:

Transparency - Sustainability Statement:
*Some of the proceeds will be shared with any artists who opt for a 60-40 split as well as 10% to recoup ATHICA's costs, the hosting non-profit art organization.

Sunday, January 8th, 2012 - Sunday, January 8th, 2012
03:00 PM - 06:00 PM

"Closing Balance" Day
OCCUPY: This Is What Democracy Looks Like
Exhibit Photo
Exhibit Photo
Left to Right: spoken word artist Showyn Walton, Gretchen Elsner & her puppets! Left to Right: Singer Anni Paisley, DJ Savvy Dee
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  • Start 2012 off right enjoying performances responsive to the OCCUPY
    movement as well as catching the powerful visual works donated by artists
    for this exhibit in support of the OCCUPY movement.

    Folks of all ages are welcome for an afternoon of discussion, and
    performances means of creative, constructive, peaceful protest.


    WALK-N-TALK Hear exhibit organizer Tatiana Veneruso, exhibit artists & OCCUPY organizers such as Carter Adams discuss the exhibit artworks’ relationship to the issues the OWS movement is bringing to the table of American

    Performances & HALF-OFF Sales HOUR with:
    • Showyn Walton: spoken word
      The Human Condition vs. Capitalism: A Love Story?

    • Grectchen Elsner & her puppeteer pals:
     Cops Hate Giant Puppets

    • Anni Paisley: singer/songwriter

    • Ed Burmilla
     An Occupy Comedy Routine

    • Serson Brannen: Spoken Word & Digital Theremins

    • Savvy Dee: DJ

    Reception & Announcement of how many $ & ˘ this exhibit raised for OWS.


    OCCUPY: This is What Democracy Looks Like
    is a benefit exhibit in support of the OWS movement & OCCUPY Athens

    Works by 99 artists offered for $99, $9.99 & 99 cents.

    Organizer: Tatiana Veneruso
    Exhibition Concepts: Lizzie Zucker Saltz

    Participating Artists

    Serson Brannen, Atlanta’s veteran
    spacerocker, started the Subliminator project in ’05. After years as a
    member of Spaceseed he is now a solo act and was immediately sighned to
    Atlanta’s Scared records. “Recalibrated” his first release for the label
    achieved critical acclaim and another, “Rake” (Quick,what’s a rake?) is
    out now. An EP, Death Singing will drop in June ’11 with a new album
    later in the year. He has collected four of Creative Loafing’s Best of
    Atlanta awards in ’06,’07,’08 and ’09.Relentless touring (Who else do
    you know that tours by motorcycle?) has kept him in the public eye and
    he has been taking the avant-garde/underground scene by storm. Combining
    vocals and theremins his sound is unique, original, eclectic, hard edged
    and brings rock n’ roll flash to dark sonic art.

    is an visiting assistant professor in the Department of
    Political Science at Giant Public University in the South after
    receiving his Ph.D. in political science from Giant Public University in
    the Midwest. He teaches Intro to American Government, Public Opinion,
    Elections, and The Presidency to a select group of very lucky boys and
    girls each semester. His academic research studies the spatial and
    geographic context of political behavior – partisanship, turnout, and
    public opinion. He also performs stand-up comedy on the regular. 

    Savvy Dee is a painter, producer, DJ, and all-around rapscallion.
    Contact at dr0lita@live.com

    is a clothing designer, pop-up book maker and peace activist
    currently living and working in Athens GA while building a solar powered
    travel trailer and then the freedom fighter will be ready to hit the
    road. Her work is available locally at AGORA and:

    Anni Paisley is a singer/songwriter
    that hails from the strange land of Queens NYC. She has been playing
    tunes for many a moon. Her influences are wide and vast mostly
    psychedelic but of many tones. Her main influences include such artists
    as Syd Barrett/Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane, Patti Smith, Marc Bolan,
    The Incredible String Band, The Who, The Beatles, Peter Gabriel, Bowie,
    Hendrix,mermaids, deities aliens and assorted forest creatures.

    Showyn Albert Walton - born Feb 23, 1971 in Chattanooga, TN. "Caught the
    performance bug early in daycare. Found poetry in my early teens as a
    way to woo girls. I hadn't yet perfected my technique. I was a teenager,
    what can I say. from the time I left college my sophomore year to move
    out west to Seattle, WA, and a year later wound up in the U.S. Air
    Force, I was a restless soul. I've seen many places and known many faces
    and I comes through in my writing. my best advice to any up coming
    writer is, see the world.  Write it down. That's beautiful writing, when
    you show me the world with your words. I've performed in some artistic
    form of expression or capacity in Athens, Ga., Atlanta's Apache Cafe,
    The Fabulous 40Watt Club, The Georgia Theater, Tasty World, DT's Down
    Under hosting my own comedy Show, Atlanta's Smith's Olde Bar, Savannah's
    Velvet Elvis, and The Caledonia Club, doing comedy, music or poetry. My
    next accomplishment will be to finish my book of poems and independent
    films about poets and the cool scene around Athens that I've come to
    know. There is nowhere else in the world like my city. It helped make me
    the man and the writer I am today. Contact at buddahami@yahoo.com

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