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Saturday, January 21st, 2012
Southern Opening Night
Pictures courtesy Wayne Bellamy
Exhibit Photo
Exhibit Photo
  Artist Sam Seawright (right)

in front of Hope Hilton's The Recognitions: Mrs. Harriet Powers, Bible Quilt (Reproduction) (2012)

in front of Stanley Bermudez's Heritage? (on wall) and Drk Davis' Flag for the War of Southern Regression (on floor)

Charles James loyal ATHICA volunteer

Drk Davis A Flag for the War of Southern Regression (detail)

artist Michael Lachowski (left) Sam Seawright (middle)

ATHICA intern Caroline Warner viewing Sam Seawright's photographs The Poet's House

from left: ATHICA intern Andie Ashe, artist Hope Hilton, and artist Stanley Bermudez

from left: ATHICA board treasurer Jordan Rothacker, director Lizzie Zucker Saltz, assistant curator Lauren Williamson, and artist James Perry Walker

Participating Artists

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