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Coleman Barks

$12.00 suggested donation
includes refreshments by:

Thank you event coordinators:
Judy Long &
Jordan Rothacker

John Seawright's Death in Cobbham: The Shooting of Walter Rountree, 1882, recently reprinted by the Historic Cobbham Foundation, will be available for sale at the event for $5.00 ea. *



Friday, February 17th, 2012
06:30 PM - 09:00 PM

The Universe of John Seawright
readings & music in honor of the late writer
Exhibit Photo
Exhibit Photo
John Seawright
photo by Terry Allen
The Seawright Brothers
photo by Tara Seawright
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  • John Seawright was an integral part of, and singularly unique voice within, the Athens music and poetry scene from the 1970s until his death in 2001. This event honors his life and work.

    Readers and performers include:

    Jeremy Ayres

    Coleman Barks
    Terry Boling
    Vanessa Briscoe Hay
    Laura Carter
    Marie Cochran

    Bryan Cook

    Blair Dorminey

    Dana Downs
    Tony Eubanks
    Jeff Fallis
    Alan Flurry

    Jennifer Hartley

    Milton Leathers

    Pete McCommons
    Maureen McLaughlin
    Heli Montgomery
    Charles Pinckney

    Chris Slay

    Deirdre Sugiuchi

    Nelita Rose Willey

    Thomas Willey
    Mary Wilson
     and others TBA

    Ghost Fry, John Seawright's long-running column in Flagpole Magazine, captured the hearts of the Athens community while exposing previously suppressed and unknown histories. Seawright’s writing gained a national readership through his Ghost Fry columns and his article on “Blind Tom Wiggins,” published in the Oxford American magazine and later included in The Oxford American Book of Great Music Writing. Seawright, can be seen reading his poetry in the 1987 film Athens, GA: Inside/Out.


    This event was inspired by our current exhibition’s display of
    photographs by John’s surviving brother, artist Sam Seawright, of his
    brother’s writing workspace which can be seen above and here.

    Noted organizer Judy Long, “We hope to introduce John's work to those who do not know it and to illuminate his work for those who do, through the readings and performances.”

    John Seawright's Death in Cobbham: The Shooting of Walter Rountree, 1882,
    recently reprinted by the Historic Cobbham Foundation, will be available for sale at the event for $5.00 ea.

    *Death in Cobbham: The Shooting of Walter Rountree, 1882, is a nonfiction work, originally published in 1996, grew out of Seawright's 1995 Ghost Fry columns about the death of Rountree and the emotionally charged trial of the two men wrongfully accused of his murder. Death in Cobbham is Seawright at his best, artfully capturing a time and place well over a century ago and making the characters come vividly alive for readers today.  A short reading from Death in Cobbham will be featured at the event.

    Participating Artists
    Acclaimed author Coleman Barks, who will read one of Seawright’s beloved poems, “The King of the Barbers,” once wrote of his friend and colleague: "John Seawright loved the place, meaning where his parents live down the road, and too, the three hundred billion, or is it million, galaxies we so casually and forgetfully inhabit."

    Many well-known members of the Athens community will read and perform, including musicians Vanessa Briscoe Hay, Laura Carter, Dana Downs and Heli Montgomery; and writers, Jeff Fallis, Alan Flurry and Deirdre Sugiuchi.

    Others in the line-up include John English, a freelance journalist and longtime ATHICA Board member, Tony Eubanks, board president of the Athens Film Arts Institute, Pete McCommons, editor of Flagpole Magazine, Maureen McLaughlin, former manager of the B-52s, Charles Pinckney, a metalsmith specializing in wearable sculpture and Thomas Willey, recent winner of the Clarke County School District’s Annual Spelling Bee.

    Former Athenians back in town to perform at the event include Armistead Wellford, an artist and former member of Love Tractor and Marie Cochran, director of the Affrilachian Artist Project.

    Judy Long is a freelance editor, and writer.
    Jordan A. Rothacker is ATHICA Board Secretary and  a freelance writer.

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