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Trump's Catering Pastry Chef Susan Hodges crafted our 10th Anniversary Birthday Cake

PANEL with exhibiting artists:
Hope Hilton, Stanley Bermudez,
Ted Kuhn & Michael Lachowski.
Moderated by the curators,
with Q & A

ATHICA's 10th Birthday:
Refreshments by Jittery Joe's & Trump's Catering

LECTURE on the St. Paul Spiritual Holy Temple
Hear curator Judith McWillie speak on the never-before-seen photos by James Perry Walker of the
St. Paul Spiritual Holy Temple in Memphis, TN,
with Q & A

Thank You!

Sunday, March 4th, 2012
03:00 PM - 06:00 PM

Southern Examined
Exhibit Photo
Exhibit Photo
Curator Judy McWillie will discuss
works from the St. Paul Spiritual Holy Temple
Artists clockwise: Stanley Bermudez,
Hope Hilton, Michael Lachowski, Ted Kuhn
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  • We are pleased to invite you to an afternoon of events related to the Southern exhibit, including a panel discussion moderated by assistant curator Lauren Williamson with local exhibiting artists, the marking of ATHICA’S 10th Birthday, and a lecture by curator Judith McWillie on the never-before- seen works of the St. Paul Spiritual Holy Temple.

    Artists such as Hope Hilton will participate in a panel discussion about their works in the exhibition. For instance, Hilton’s installation The Recognitions: Mrs. Harriet Powers’ Bible Quilt (2012) pays tribute to Harriet Powers (1837–1910), a formerly enslaved African Native American who lived in Winterville, GA circa 1898, as Hilton does now.

    Also in attendance will be exhibit artists Stanley Bermudez, whose painting Heritage? was removed from an exhibit at Gainesville State College in 2011, Ted Kuhn, whose Keep Hope Alive performance piece using lottery tickets purchased with his HOPE scholarship occurred on February 3rd and Michael Lachowski, a local photographer of note whose large prints of images from his Sux Sez blog of the South included.

    A much anticipated event, Ms. McWillie will present an illustrated lecture discussing the phenomenal works depicted in James Perry Walker's photographs of the Saint Paul Spiritual Holy Temple of Memphis, TN. The ‘Degrees of God’ were created by Washington "Doc" Harris, an African Native American from central Mississippi, and his extended family in the tradition of New Orleans spiritual churches from the 1920's. For over fifty years the Harris family maintained the site and created over 1,500 works of sacred art. Until this exhibit, no one outside the Harris family, the curator and Walker have been permitted to observe these unique sacred objects and environments.

    Coincidently, ATHICA celebrates ten years of service to the Athens community the same weekend—all are welcome to join in a birthday cake celebration in honor of the past decade.

    Participating Artists

    Stanley Bermudez Moros

    A Venezuelan artist, he currently resides in Athens, GA; born in
    Louisiana he was raised in Western Venezuela in the 1960s and 1980s. He
    received his B.F.A. from Sam Houston State University in 1990 and a
    Master’s degree from Radford University in 2000, with an emphasis in
    metalwork and jewelry. He has taught at numerous universities throughout
    Texas and Georgia including the Lamar Dodd School of Art as an Art
    Appreciation professor. Bermudez has been exhibiting professionally
    since 1990; many of his works focus on the Latin Community in the South.
    The painting, Heritage?, was influenced by the racism associated with
    the KKK and the rebel flag.

    Hope Hilton
    Hilton was born in 1977 in Atlanta, GA. She is a cum laude graduate of the
    Atlanta College of Art (2003) and a magna cum laude graduate of The City
    University of New York, Hunter College, NY (2008). She is also the
    co-founder of the artist collective Dos Pestañeos (Atlanta/NYC). Hilton
    “curates, collaborates, designs, publishes, writes, and walks.” In May
    2005, “You are My Salvation,” a public space for collaboration and
    events, opened in her MFA studio. In 2005 she was awarded the Good
    Earthling Award, a grant from the artist Harrell Fletcher and CalArts.
    She was a participant in “Open Engagement: Art After Aesthetic Distance”
    at the University of Regina, Canada in October 2007. Recently completed
    projects include a silent walk commemorating the Black Heritage Trail
    in Boston for Brandeis University, and in San Francisco. Dos Pestañeos
    had a retrospective at Alfred University in 2008. Hilton was awarded a
    Forward Arts Foundation (Atlanta) grant in 2010 and was a finalist for
    the Hudgen’s Prize.

    Michael Lachowski
    Lachowski received a BFA in Photography from the University of Georgia’s Lamar
    Dodd School in 1979, and has remained in Athens working in graphic arts
    and creative fields ever since. He is a founding member of the acclaimed
    band Pylon and the ad agency Candy. He publishes the quarterly photo,
    art, and music magazine Young, Foxy & Free. He has worked in
    photography, drawing, installation, film and video, and exhibits his
    work online and in occasional exhibits. His photo blog of daily images,
    Sux Sez, was sourced for the Southern exhibition.

    Ted Kuhn
    Kuhn is an artist working in performance video and sound installation. He
    draws on “the rich possibilities inherent in personal interaction to
    propel forthright and striking performances.” He lives and works in
    Athens, GA.

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