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This event is being produced
in collaboration with the

Sorority Green Cup*
through the:

UGA Office of Sustainability+.
Thank You Chiara Guftason*
& Jennifer Dunlop+!

This event is affiliated with the Upcycle exhibit and occurs during the opening reception which takes place from 3:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Event Attendance is free, but donations appreciated.

Thank you event Sponsor:

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012
04:30 PM

Trashion Fashion
Competition & Parade
Exhibit Photo
Exhibit Photo
the cap man's truck will serve as runway
for the contestants. It is covered with literally thousands of bottle-caps, and is one of many vehicles the cap man has covered. Bring your bottle-caps to the gallery to contribute!
The Ecotones will perform during the judging. From left to right: Mark Jones, Sara Black, Dave Samuels, Spencer Smith, Ashley Na, Meghan Manning, Milton Newberry, Rachel Cheatham, Mark Fisher, Meredith Mirmow, Sarah Sander, Ross McLeod.
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  • Celebrity judges will award prizes to the contestants,
    drawn from from the Green Cup Sororities, Athenian artists
    and A-CC student artists, from elementary on up.

    Trashion Fashion procession music will be
    performed by Sleep Dunk
    (Ted Kuhn & Brent Blalock).
    A cappella entertainment will be provided
    the Ecotones during the judging.

    The Award Categories are:
    Miss Sorority Green Cup:
    Winner of the Overall Prize in the UGA Competition

    Miss Trashion Queen
    Top Award for most Upcycled outfit

    Most Stylish

    Most Green

    Best Accessories

    Most Varied Materials

    Most Original

    The judges are:
    Candice Courcy of Urban Sanctuary, Kim Deakins of Pain &
    Wonder Tattoo,
    Airee Hong Edwards of Agora, Michael Lachowski
    of Young Foxy & Free magazine &
     Suki Janssen of A-CC Recycling.

    Participating Artists

    Ecotones singer Ashley Na, center.
            About the Ecotones:
    So, one hazy night when a group of undergraduate and graduate students at the Odum School of Ecology were spending some time together. Realizing their common interest in singing, the students decided to create an a cappella group. Now just over 2 years old, the group has grown to include a diverse group of people including undergraduate and graduate students in various programs at the University of Georgia and nonstudents. Though our majors and occupations may vary, we have two facts of life creating a very strong bond among us: we all have love for singing and love for this wondrous Earth.
    They are: Emily Anders, Henry Adams, Sara Black, Rachel Cheatham, Evan Conaway, Mark Fisher, Mark Jones, Meghan Manning, Ross McLeod, Meredith Mirmow, Ashley Na, Milton Newberry, Blair Prusha, Dave Samuels, Sarah Sander, Spencer Smith, Gemille Walker. Prusha is the founder. Dave Samuels is the Musical Director. Rachel Cheatham is the Administrative Director.

    About the Judges:
    Candice Courcy

    5 time Winner of Best Day Spa, Urban Sanctuary co-founder Candice Courcy is an Athens gadabout & local fund raiser extraordinaire.  She is often seen around town at all the art openings, fashion shows, and late night dance parties. Voted Best Massage Therapist in 2009, Candice recently returned from a grueling week of massaging the UGA Menís & Womenís Swim Team.  A much in demand and sought after Dancing with the Stars campaign manager and hip Party planner, Candice loves modeling all the latest vintage fashions with her pocketbook sized dog Siggy.   

    You Can See My Sole, ink on paper         Kim Deakins            

    Deakins was born in Fort Stewart Georgia and grew in the mountains of Northeastern Tennessee. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2006 from East Tennessee State University and Master of Fine Arts degree from The University of Georgia in 2010.  Deakins currently resides in Athens Georgia and is a tattoo artist at Pain and Wonder Tattoo Studio in downtown Athens. She has performed at ATHICA, and was in the ATHICA Emerges show of 2008. She is currently in The Flower Show
    curated by Didi Dunphy at the Indigo Hotel gallery.

    Airee Hong Edwards

    Owner of
    Agora, the long-standing consignment shop extraordinaire in downtown Athens, Airee knows her fashion and her upcycling!

    Suki Janssen of A-CC

    Waste Reduction Administrator  at Athens-Clarke
    County Recycling Division, Ms Janssen is a charismatic figure about-
    town, sporting a raincoat made of juice boxes or pants made of dog food
    bags at the many flamboyant public events she has coordinated in her
    unflagging efforts to raise Athens consciousness about recycling and
    waste issues.

    Michael Lachowski
             Red Blaze (2011), ink jet on paper print, 19" x 14.5"
    Michael Lachowski received a BFA in Photography from UGA in 1979,
    and has remained in Athens working in creative fields ever since. He is a founding member of the local band Pylon, runs an
    ad agency, Candy, and publishes the popular quarterly photo, art and music
    magazine Young, Foxy & Free. Lachowski has worked in photography, drawing, installation, film and
    video, and exhibits his work online and in occasional exhibits such as the recent Southern show at ATHICA. He has conducted numerous fashion shoots and has photographed countless local bands. His photo blog of incidental images is regularly updated at suxsez.com and his main website is michaellachowski.com. His foto pixx project capturing the faces of Athens is also revealing of his keen fashion sense. Lachowski joined the ATHICA Board in 2009. He recently joined the staff at the Georgia Museum of Art.

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