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Bale image in front of adjacent sponsor Argos cement factory courtesy of John Gallagher, Upcycle's bales provided by sponsor A-CC Recycling Division

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Sunday, May 20th, 2012
04:00 PM - 06:30 PM

Dreaming It Out of
the Waste Stream

an Upcycle symposium
| Assistant Curator: Katie Faulkner
Exhibit Photo
Exhibit Photo
clockwise: Katie Faulkner, Andrew
Lane, Rosemary Kimble,
and Diana E. Lee
clockwise: Bart King, Heidi Davison,
Chris Caswall, and Suki Janssen
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    Event Schedule:
    4:00    Introductions
    4:05    Andrew Lane: Tithing with Trash by Terracycle Activist at
                St. Gregory Episcopal Church

    4:25    Rosemary Kimble: Project ASAP, NE Georgia Earthship
                 & Feather Drop

    4:45    Screening of Upcycling In Action, a film by Diana E. Lee
    5:15    Bart King: Walmart & Greenwashing
    5:25    Former Mayor Heidi Davison: Avoiding Foam Products
    5:35    Chris Caswall: Junk South’s Art Materials Warehouse Initiative
    5:45    Suki Janssen: Waste Reduction Efforts in Athens
    6:00    Panel Discussion with Q & A, moderated by Katie Faulkner.


    This symposium brings together over a half-dozen local experts who will speak about the different aspects of green culture and how they are related to the zero-waste efforts being pursued across the country.

    The schedule of presentations will have a filmic intermission in the form a screening of filmmaker
    Diana E. Lee's brand-new Upcyling in Action, a half hour movie made expressly for the exhibit. It features interviews with locals Suki Janssen, Athens's Waste Reduction Administrator; Airee Hong Edwards of AGORA; Leslie Grove, Brian Smith and Cary Whitley, artist upcyclers; and Megan Van Meter of Helix.

    Symposium presenters will discuss everything from
    Junk South's initiative to provide a warehouse of free upcycled materials for artists to  St. Gregory Episcopal Churchï's work with Terracycle to keep un-recyclable materials like chip bags out of our landfill while raising funds.

    Detail of cap man's
    Truck 1.0, photographed by John Gallagher

    - Of interest to fans of former mayor
    Heidi Davison will be her discussion concerning how and why to avoid businesses that use Styrofoam containers.

    Left: Paula Reynaldi's Endless Foam, with artist and daugter, right: Jamison Edgar's Chain 607, both  photographed by John Gallagher on 4-22-2012.

    -Eco-housing adherents will be fascinated to hear Rosemary Kimble discuss the Northeast Georgia Earthship's work to create a local version of this national movement, as well as her project ASAP (As Sustainable as Possible), teaching sustainable living practices to others. Kimble is also the founder of New Orleans' R4A: Recycle For the Arts.

    -Those who have been involved in the local Walmart debate will be excited that local environmental journalist Bart King will address Walmart's greenwashing tactics.

    -Concluding will be the Athens' own Waste Reduction Administrator, the always-fascinating Suki Janssen, who will offer her boundless storehouse of facts and thoughts on the initiatives that have rocked the world of trash in town.

    The afternoon will culminate in a panel discussion with all the presenters moderated by
    Upcycle's Assistant curator Katie Faulkner, as well as time for audience Q&A.

    are encouraged to bring their used  unrecyclable materials to ATHICA for upcycling. The complete list is at the bottom of the screen.

    This symposium is affiliated with our 10th anniversary exhibition -- Upcycle...dreaming it out of the waste stream. Our 45th exhibition, and our third environmentally themed exhibition, Upcycle celebrates over twenty artists’ and collectives’ creative approaches to materials destined to become landfill fodder, or worse, toxic pollution. Instead, they dreamt these materials right out of the waste stream and into our stream of consciousness. Curated by Lizzie Zucker Saltz with the assistance of Katie Faulkner, the exhibit will run through June 24th, Athfest weekend. The exhibit is ATHICA’s positive response to the zero-waste movement which questions our culture’s addiction to cheap disposable goods and the resultant evil twins of global industry—environmental degradation and municipalities’ struggles to cope with accelerated landfill expansion.

    Participating Artists

    Junk South, Liquidator and Non-Profit


    Former Mayor
    and foe of Styrofoam


    A-CC Recycling
    Division Waste Administrator


    NE Georgia
    Earthship, ASAP, & Feather Drop

    Bart King:


    Andrew Lane:

    activist with St. Gregory Episcopal Church

    Diana E.

    Filmmaker and
    creator of

    in Action

    Fantrashtic Transformations Festival:

    plastic spoons

    bottle caps

    Babybel cheese wax

    St. Gregory's TERRACYLE PU ONLY 5-20

    1- Any & All Drink Pouches(Such as Capri-Sun, Kool-Aid to include the straws and straw wrappers)

    2- Any & All Coffee Pouches(Such as Maxwell House, Equal Exchange Organic, and Starbucks)

    3- Any & All Cookie and Cracker Wrappers(Such as Oreo and Keebler including the inner trays)

    4- Any & All Energy or Breakfast Bar and Food Wrappers(Such as
    Granola Bars, Breakfast Bars, Cliff Bars, Oddwalla Bars, Nut Bags)

    5- Any & All Candy Wrappers(Such as M&Ms, Hershey, and Snickers)

    6- Any & All Chip Bags(Such as Frito Lay, Pepperidge Farm, potato
    chip, crackers, pretzel, cheeto, nacho, and any that look and feel

    7- Any & All Lunch Kit Trays, Wrappers, TV Dinner style(such as Lunchables)

    8- Any & All Yogurt Containers(Such as Stonyfield Farms, Chobani, Dannon)

    9- Any & All Butter Type Spread Containers(Such as Country Crock, Promise, and yes even the little baby single serve size)

    10- Sprout Brand baby Food Containers and Wrappers

    11- Any & All Gum Wrappers(Such as Trident, Bubblicious, and Wrigley)

    12- Any & All Cereal Bags(Such as Malt-O-Meal, Rice Crispies, and Honey Nut Cheerios)

    13- Bear Naked Brand Granola and Cereal Product Wrappers

    14- Any Kashi Brand Food Product Wrappers

    15- All Squeezable Peanut Butter Tubes

    16- Any & All Corks Real and Fake Plastic from wine and other liquor bottles

    17- Any & All Disposable Household Tape Dispensers(Such as Scotch)

    18- Any & All Home Storage Bags and Containers(such as Zip Lock Type
    Bags, sandwich bags, and temporary tupperware plastic containers) 

    19- Any & All Paper Towel and similar Paper Product Wrappers(Such as Scotts Paper Towels, Tissue Paper, Paper Napkins etc)

    20- Any & All Tooth Paste Tubes, Dental Floss Devices, and used Toothbrushes(Such as Colgate, Crest, etc)

    21- Any & All Glue Containers and Glue Sticks(Such as Elmers)

    22- Any & All Human Writing Instruments except Chalk and
    crayons(Such as Used Up or Broken Pens, Sharpies, Markers, Highlighters,
    Magic Markers, and Mechanical Pencils, Wooden Pencils)

    23- Any & All Beauty and Skin Care Product Tubes and Containers(Such
    as Aveeno and Aveda Skin Product Tubes, Neosporin Medicine Containers,
    Lip Stick Tubes, Cosmetic Cases,  Chap Stick Tubes, Shampoo Bottles,
    Deodorant Sticks and Sun Screen Tubes and Bottles)

    24 -Any & All Diaper Wrappers(such as Huggies, Pampers, g-Diaper and
    any sort of Baby Sanitation Wipe as well as Incontinence Pad Wrappers)

    25- Any & All Cell Phones, MP3 players, Digital Cameras,  GPS
    Systems, Calculators, Printer and Toner Cartridges, and Laptop Computers
    including all cords and chargers

    26- Any & All Cheese and Humus Wrappers and Containers(such as Kraft, Kroger, Sargento, Athenos)

    27- Any & All Tortilla and Tostada Wrappers(such as Mission Tortillas)

    28- Method Soap Refill Bags

    29- Any and All #5 & #6 disposable plastic drinking cup(Solo Cups)

    30- Any and All Laundry and Dish Wash Detergent Briquette Bags

    31-Any and All Wine Pouches

    32-Any and All Hummus Products (like Athenos Hummus) (0.0508 pounds)

    33-Any and All Flip Flops

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