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Junk-Off Judges from L to R: Mark Callahan, Artistic Director, ICE; Chris Caswall, Proprietor, Junk South; Gretchen Elsner Fabric Artist; Katherine McQueen, Board President; Brian Smith, Sculptor

Suggested donation:
$6 / $9 per family

Includes instruction & materials.

Kids of all ages welcome.



Take a little Upcycle home with you!
My Left Foot; upcycled sneaker
Charles Pickney's earrings;
$19 ea.

Bob Clements &  Inguna Gremzde's
Landscape for Emergency plastic-cap oil paintings.
$90 ea.

Other Upcycle works' available upon inquiry to upcycle@athica.org.

-used white plastic spoons
-old bottle caps
-babybel cheese wax


ALSO: you can bring many
thru A-CC

shipping off to

See this page for full list

Tiberiu Chelcea, Bucket Fill (Violet) (2011),
monoprints made using circuit boards,
collage on canvas, 36" x 36"

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Saturday, June 9th, 2012
01:00 PM - 06:00 PM

Transformations Festival

...events designed to inspire & challenge us to be creative with materials usually destined for our overflowing landfills.
Exhibit Photo
Exhibit Photo
Marianne Robinette, head of the UGA
H.O. Lund Entomology Club, will present
Bugs Who Recycle from 4-5pm
Clockwise La Great Junk Off artist contestants;
Jourdan Joly, Elizabeth Barton, Jamison Edgar, Doug Makemson & Reid McCallister
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  • UPCYCLING events for the whole family!
    See detailed schedule below

    Fun-trashy workshops
    upcycled arts n’ crafts projects to take-home

    - Cheese-wax sculpting -
    - Printmaking from Styrofoam and e-Waste -
    - Turning old T-shirts into crafts -
    - Blingy collages from foil packaging -
    - Scrap sculpture: art from glorious scraps -
    - Swap-a-rama-rama: sewing projects from old clothes

    La Great Junk-Off Art Contest
    People’s Choice & Judges Awards
    Objects created in 48 hours from mystery materials
    provided by Junk South by these
    Exhibition Artist contestants:
    Elizabeth Barton, Jamison Edgar, Jourdan Joly,

    Doug Makemson, Reid McCallister;
                Mark Callahan, Artistic Director, ICE; Chris Caswall,
    Junk South Proprietor
    , Gretchen Elsner, Fabric Artist;
    Katherine McQueen, ATHICA Board President; Brian Smith, Sculptor



    Bring in your:
        •    Batteries

        •    Flourescent Bulbs
        •    Mercury containing devices
        •    Electronic devices (no TV's but monitors okay)

    Repair & Recycle services


    UGA Entomology’s
    Bugs Who Recycle

    An Upcycling Storytime
    read by David Z. Saltz

    with Gretchen Elsner

    The latest in retro-technology: A 90's laptop, flea market camera, and leftover electronic components make this photo booth both upcycled and unique. Armed with all the powers of the past and present, PHOTO-BOT will print your photo strip and enable you to share them with your internet friends.

     Event Schedule

    1:00     Funtrashy Workshops - Tons of arty fun*
                Hip Pops gourmet popsicle sales begin
    1:30     Reyclomania - Bring your hard-to-recycle items to our porch
                for collection by ACC-Recycling Division

         Swap-o-rama-rama - Bring & swap old clothes for others, and learn
                how to sew ‘em into new fashions

         BikeAthens - Roving repair & bike recycling crew on the porch
         Storytime - Joseph Had a Little Overcoat by Simms Taback, read
                by David Z. Saltz
         Junk South Swap - Score free art materials & info about their
                new artists’ materials warehouse

         UGA’s H.O. Lund Entomology Club - Bugs Who Recycle           
    End of BikeAthens repair shop
    4:30     La Great Junk-Off Judging
    Objects created in 48 hours from mystery materials provided by
                Junk South by Upcycle Exhibition Artist contestants: Elizabeth
                Barton, Jamison Edgar, Jourdan Joly, Doug Makemson, Reid McCallister;
                Mark Callahan, Artistic Director, ICE; Chris Caswall, Proprietor,
                Junk South; Gretchen Elsner, Fabric Artist; Katherine McQueen, ATHICA
                Board President; Brian Smith, Sculptor

         End of Funtrashy workshops & Hip Pops sales
         La Great Junk-Off Awards Announcement

    ONGOING: Photo-Bot photo booth
    Though art materials will be provided, attendees are encouraged to bring the following items for art upcycling: Cheese wax, cleaned Styrofoam food containers and cups, chip bags & candy wrappers, plastic spoons, old toothbrushes and small pieces of scrap wood.

    Participating Artists

    Elizabeth Barton (Athens, GA)

    Jamison Edgar (Athens, GA)
    Jourdan Joly
    (Athens, GA)
    Doug Makemson (Athens, GA)

    Reid McCallister (Athens, GA)


    This fun-filled afternoon of creative activities was designed to prompt everyone's thinking about what we deem trash. The event was designed to inspire families, individuals and artists alike to see how much fun can be had with materials that would usually end up in our overflowing landfills.

    An affiliated event of Upcycle, ATHICA's 10th anniversary exhibition, The Fan-trash-tic Transformations Festival brings together artists, art educators and community trash-activists to help NE Georgia participate in fun activities that will result in lasting expressions of Athens' growing green culture and how its relates to zero-waste efforts being pursued across the country.

    The afternoon's events start off at 1:00 with Funtrashy Workshops for the whole family, which continue throughout the afternoon. The workshops are inspired by Upcycle exhibition artworks by featured artist Reid McCallister, as well as exhibit artists Tiberiu Chelcea, David Hamlow, among others. They will be led by Sage Rogers, ATHICA's Education Coordinator, along with local art students and artists of all ages. The workshops include creating sculpture from cheese wax and scrap materials, prints from Styrofoam and e-Waste, crafts from old T-shirts led by A-CC's Waste Reduction Administrator Suki Janssen, blingy collages from foil packaging, and new clothes from old, guided by veteran designer Gretchen Elsner.

    The latter is part of the Swap-a-rama-rama, which will begin at 1:45 p.m., during which community members are encouraged to bring in old clothes to swap or donate. This is not the first  time that Ms Elsner has spearheaded a local iteration of this  'Creative Commons' event, which is a successful globally recurring clothing swap.

    As well as fun, Swap-a-rama-rama events save fabric from landfills, which is a bigger problem than most of us would imagine. Nearly 5% - 10% of all landfills is made up of textile waste; with 90% of that textile waste recyclable. Onsite advice from local fabric artists who will show you how to sew together and modify clothes by hand and machine will be provided. Elsner, a distinguished clothing designer, & her handy pals will be share creative re-use ideas, notions & other supplies.

    From 1:30 p.m. on visitors are encouraged to participate in Reyclomania by bringing their hard-to-recycle items such as old batteries, electronics, florescent bulbs and mercury ietms for A-CC recycling to pick up. (No lead-based TV monitors please!)

    At 2:00 p.m., BikeAthens, the local non-profit, will bring their repair & bike recycling crew to the ATHICA porch; the public is invited to donate old bikes for recycling or bring in bikes for free repairs and repair training.

    On hand to cool things off will be the newest Chase Park biz, Hip Pops, selling their gourmet, handcrafted popsicles.

    Meanwhile, storytime will commence inside at 3:00 p.m. when kids of all ages will be treated to a classic upcycle folk story, Joseph Had a Little Overcoat, written and illustrated by Simms Taback, which will be read by Dr. David Z. Saltz, UGA Department of Theatre & Film Studies Chair.

    Starting at 3:30, Chris Caswall of Junk South will conduct a materials swap, when anyone can score free art materials, swap out their own extras, and learn all about Junk South's plans to provide artists with a warehouse full of reclaimed materials that will be available for free! Opening in Winterville, Junk South's for-profit operations will provide art materials to the area's talent as well as benefit area non-profits, such as ATHICA, while keeping plenty of stuff out of the landfill.

    From 4:00 until 5:00, the always-popular UGA H.O. Lund Entomology Club will present Bugs Who Recycle, led by Marianne Robinette, the club Outreach & Extension Chair. Dung beetles and other insects will be discussed in terms of their virtuous upcyling behaviors. If their ATHICA presentation from spring 2011 is anything to go by, this will be an enjoyable learning opportunity.

    Meanwhile, at 4:30 the judges will be assembling on the porch for La Great Junk-Off. They will peruse objects created by five Upcycle exhibition artists who had only 48 hours to produce trashter-pieces using a box of mystery materials provided by Junk South. The audience will also weigh in with a People's Choice vote. The contestant-artists are: Elizabeth Barton, Jamison Edgar, Jourdan Joly, Doug Makemson & Reid McCallister. The judges are Mark Callahan, Artistic Director, Ideas for Creative Exploration; Chris Caswall, Proprietor, Junk South; Gretchen Elsner, Fabric Artist; Katherine McQueen, ATHICA Board President; Brian Smith, Sculptor and & the voting public.

    At 5:45 La Great Junk-Off Awards will be announced and the Fan-trash-tic Transformations Festival will come to a close.

    A BIG thank you to event partners BikeAthens, Hip Pops, ACC Recycling, Junk South as well as exhibit sponsors A-CC Recycling, Argos Cement, Grow Green, Junk South, The Natural Baby, New Urban Forestry, Related Recycling, TSAV, Urban Sanctuary & WUGA.

    The symposium is affiliated with our 10th anniversary exhibition -- Upcycle...dreaming it out of the waste stream. Our 45th exhibition, and our third environmentally themed exhibition, Upcycle celebrates over twenty artists' and collectives' creative approaches to materials destined to become landfill fodder, or worse, toxic pollution. Instead, they dreamt these materials right out of the waste stream and into our stream of consciousness.

    Curated by Lizzie Zucker Saltz with the assistance of Katie Faulkner, the exhibit will run through June 24th, Athfest weekend. The exhibit is ATHICA's positive response to the zero-waste movement, which questions our culture's addiction to cheap disposable goods and the resultant evil twins of global industry-environmental degradation and municipalities' struggles to cope with accelerated landfill expansion.
    These memes gave curator Lizzie Zucker Saltz the impetus to put out an artists' call, garnering many of the artists included in the exhibit who hail from around the world, employing diverse approaches and materials.

    They were selected for their innovative upcycling of materials usually regarded as trash, transforming them into objects of conceptual contemplation, wonder and beauty.

    Upcyling is distinct from recycling, as no energy is expended transforming raw materials into new objects. Our ATHICA upcylers focus on finding use for production waste which can't be recycled easily, or at all, such as construction debris, Styrofoam serving containers, Ziploc baggies, L.P. vinyl records, bottle caps, milk & juice container caps, plastic cutlery, mattress polyurethane and electronic components such as circuit boards. By reusing these materials, these artists help reduce landfill methane gases, the expansion of landfills and in the worst case scenario, pollution of the environment by toxins, which results in wildlife genocide, such as the death of sea turtles and sea birds such as the albatross, who ingest discarded plastics and die as a result by the thousands every year.

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