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Anni Paisley

$6.00 Suggested Donation

Light refreshments.

Artists' CD's will be available:

Cover Art by Johnny Turbo
Saturday, August 4th, 2012
09:30 PM - 11:00 PM

Syncretic Music Night
with Trappers Cabin, Nancy Kaye, Anni Paisley & Trey Privott
Exhibit Photo
Exhibit Photo
Trey Privott Left: Trapper's Cabin Right: Nancy Kaye
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  • Come Join us for an evening of energizing emerging musicians.
    In order of appearance:

    Anni Paisley:
    Paisley hails from the "strange land of Queens NYC." Her influences are wide and vast and mostly psychedelic but of many tones. Some of her influences are Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane, Patti Smith, Marc Bolan, The Incredible String Band and The Who.

    With a uniquely compelling voice and soul that is like a cross between Melanie and Leonard Cohen, Paisley sincere songwriting will entrance listeners. Although she has played at local parties and at a recent opening at the five-points Jittery Joes, this startling talent has not had nearly as much exposure as she deserves.

    Trey Privott:
    Privott began playing guitar at a young age and since then has filled most days listening to, playing, and writing music. He focuses on song-writing and performance. He modestly and unjustly denies billing himself as a singer, as he has had no formal training, rather he considers himself a songwriter and performer.

    We find his vocals powerfully soulful and his lyrics evocative of the country and folk roots groups he admires. He plays with the local band Bear Arms when he isn't performing the solo acoustic act he will for ATHICA.

    Nancy Kaye:
    Kaye began her eclectic career as Rosey, a rock n' roll soul siren on Island/Def Jam. Her debut Dirty Child,earned her the title 'The Lovechild of Robert Plant and Rickie Lee Jones' by Entertainment Weekly, and Rolling Stone, Billboard and Blender Magazine praised her with four glowing stars. After 10 years of jumping coasts from NYC to LA, it was one trip to the Georgia countryside that made her realize that to feel her true nature, she needed to be in nature. She packed her bags and kissed LA and the pop record she was making there goodbye to follow her true passions and begin anew. Her latest album, In The Light, is her most inspired work to date. We are delighted to be hosting this experienced new Athenian appearance at ATHICA.

    Trappers Cabin: aka Joel Nettesheim
    Nancy Kaye will be joined by local fave, guitarist Trappers Cabin, who has appeared on NPR as well as many venues. Trappers Cabin aka Joel Nettesheim bought his first 4 track while living in Milwaukee. Endless tapes and countless wacky experiments ensued. Early lo-fi records were numerous and given to friends and family only. A move to Georgia brought new inspiration, new albums and new fans....a blossoming period. A definite "Trappers Cabin" sound was evolving and becoming signature which helped land him the #3 spot on NPR's Top 10 Best Unknown Artists of 2007.  Nettesheim is a unique storyteller with a refreshing delivery of sound.

    CD's by the artists will be available for purchase at the event.

    Participating Artists

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