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Blaine Whisenhunt, I See No Atrocities (2006) Digital print

Blaine Whisenhunt,
I See No Atrocities from the Born in the
USA (2006) series

Closing Day, Sunday, November 5
2:00 - 3:30 pm THE FOLK YOUS play at 5:00

Panel Discussion: American Artists on American Politics
Exhibit artists such as Richard Lou, George Kennedy, Jason Brown, Patrick Grenier, Cecelia Kane and others will discuss being an artist dealing with political content in today’s political climate.

3:30 – 4:30 p.m.


Patrick Grenier as the Town Crier

Democratic Decrees:
A performance by Patrick Grenier
Grenier's piece will be based on Decrees gallery attendees submitted during this exhibit's run.

Note: Patrick Grenier’s performance is sponsored in part by Hill & Beasley, llp, Attorneys specializing in Civil & Employment Rights

  Cecelia Kane

Red Dresses and Blue Trousers:
Red Dresses and Blue Trousers: A humorous spoken word performance by Cecelia Kane, accompanied by drummer Amazing Lizardo on snare and base drum.

And  a NEW surprise pefrormance!

4:30 – 5:00 pm: Gallery Viewing with Munchies provided by Daily Groceries & Co-op

5:00 - 6:00
Music by The Folk Yous
Acoustic covers of 80's power ballads by Athens’ duo,
Courtnie Wolfgang & Julie Dyles on guitar and ukulele

All Events are Free – Suggested Donation .90 cents - $9.00

Saturday, September 9th, 2006 - Sunday, November 5th, 2006
America on the Brink:
A Political Exegesis Under the Aegis of the US DAT
Curator: Lizzie Zucker Saltz | Assistant Curator: Katy Logue Thompson
Exhibit Photo
Exhibit Photo
US DAT, America's Grave (2005) Isabella Natale, The Prez Dispenser (2003), Acrylic paint on canvas
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  • The Athens Institute for Contemporary Art in collaboration with the US Department of Art & Technology is proud to honor the spirit of dissent at the heart of a healthy democracy by mounting America on the Brink: A Political Exegesis Under the Aegis of the US DAT. Artists from around the nation, responding to the current political climate’s fraught atmosphere and motivated by the patriotic desire to uphold our constitutionally protected right to free speech, have contributed hard-hitting works in every medium to the exhibition. From emerging artists to tenured professors, they follow in the proud footsteps of the legions that have bravely married politics to the arts, from Hogarth to Kienholz. With equal parts humor and gravity, they raise the question: is America on the brink of becoming irrevocably unrecognizable as the country in which we grew up?

    Participating Artists
    Featuring an artistic response mobilization by the US DAT: Randall M. Packer (Secretary-at-Large), John Anderson, Daniel Busey, Graham Childs, Bill Fisher, Charles Lane and Carrie Mallory As well as sculpture, painting, photography, video, installation and more by: Marcia Bernstein (Brooklyn, NY), Pip Brant (Miami, FL), Jason Brown (Knoxville, TN), Bill Fisher (Milledgeville, GA), Norma Fried (Port Townsend, WA), Patrick Grenier (Hoboken, NJ), Krysia Haag (Athens, GA), Jonathan Jacquet (Athens, GA), Brandon Jones (Athens, GA), Cecelia Kane (Atlanta, GA), Tatana Kellner (Kingston, NY), George Kennedy (Atlanta, GA), Tim Klimowicz (Brooklyn, NY), Lisa Link (Boston, MA), Richard Lou (Milledgeville, GA), Isabella Natale (New York, NY), Simone Paterson (Blacksburg, Virginia), Billy Renkl (Clarksville, TN), The Visitations with Eric Hernandez & Mike Turner (Athens, GA), Dietrich Wegner (Erie, PA), Margi Weir (Placitas, NM), Blaine Whisenhunt (Springfield, MO), Clark Whittington (Winston-Salem, NC) & Stan Woodard (Atlanta, GA)

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