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Andrew Cayce, detail from Sluggy (2007), Acrylic on Canvas

Affiliated Events
Closing Weekend:
I. Silent Auction
starts Friday, Nov. 9
at 1:00 p.m.

II. Friday,
November 9

Tracking the Gorilla

photo by D. Campese

Screening of new
by Diane M Campese
the 8-Track Gorilla
including interviews of
many locals
(scroll way below for more info)

...Followed by a Party Animals
dance party

7:30 - Doors Open
8:00 - Screening & filmaker Q&A
(Dead Mouse deflation ceremony)
9:00 - Post-screening dance
Anamalesque attire encouraged!

With DJ Bitch Switch
Sponsored by

Suggested Donation
$6.00 - $9.00

II. Sunday, November 11
4:00 p.m.
Untitled (Hair Mask),
a performance art

piece by “Animal Instincts” artist

Jacqueline Meeks of Nashville, TN

Right: Horse Girl 1 (2006)

4:15 p.m.
Panel discussion

“Contemporary Issues in Human-Animal Relations”
Featuring UGA law professor Peter Appel

Victoria Davion
UGA Philosophy Department Head
and exhibit artists TBA.

6:00 p.m.
Closing of
Silent Auction

Dan Smith's
Iconoclastotamus (2003)
is one of the works that will be auctioned. To see more, see the illustrated checklist link.

Participating artists-
Matt Blanks, Andrew Cayce, Louise Zjawin Francke, Ellen Jantzen, Jessica May,
Diane Meyer, Dan Smith and others TBA


Sept. 22, 7:00 -9:00 p.m.
Opening Reception

Friday, Oct. 12
8:00 - 11:00 p.m

Benefit concert at Little Kings
(Downtown on corner of Hancock & Hull Streets)
Athens Area Canine Rescue,
Athens Area Humane
Blue Stockings,
Heather Heyn of Dark Meat,
Megan Baer and friends
Suggested Donation $6.00

Saturday, October 20
3:30 - 5:00 p.m.

Howloween Doggy Costume
Contest & Party


3:30 Registration
4:00 Doggy Parade ending with a 'Catwalk'‚
on the ATHICA porch
4:45 Announcement of Prize Winners

First, second, and third place prize packages for
Best Costumed canines
provided by
Treats for pups and people!

The Judges:
ina Hantula, Costume Shop Manager at UGA
Mark Watkins, Assistant Curator of Animal Instincts

...and others TBA

$5 to enter, free to gawk!

More About the Tracking the Gorilla Event:
ATHICA presents the world premiere of Tracking the Gorilla, an approximately half-hour long documentary film by Diane Campese about Athens’ legendary retro rock n’ roll karaoke monkey, the 8-Track Gorilla.

The screening will be followed by a question and answer session with the filmmaker, as well as the dramatic deflation and temporary de-installation of the Dead Mouse, Billie Lynn Grace’s signature 30-foot sculpture, in preparation for the dance party.

The “Party Animals Dance Party” will be hosted by the saucy, sexy DJ duo, Bitch Switch. In the spirit of “Animal Instincts,” all attendees are encouraged to don animalesque attire—whether it be a pair of leopard print jeans, fuzzy bunny ears, or a full-on furry suit—and shake their tails ‘til the cows come home.

About the film, Tracking the Gorilla:
In the late 90s and early 2000s, the 8-Track Gorilla rose as a legend of local infamy in Athens, Georgia. Surrounded by over-the-top “sexy ladies” and kidnapped by an enemy car army, the 8-Track Gorilla treaded a unique footprint into Athens consciousness. Eyewitness accounts coalesce and contradict as Diane M. Campese investigates the underbelly of this revered and reviled beast.

The film features archival footage by the subjects’ brother, local filmmaker Daniel Aguar as well as interviews with Annie Merkley, Bill Doss, Brian Smith, Bryan Poole, Casey Nissenbaum, Christine Zardecki, Dan Geller, Dave Pantos, Don Chambers, Eric Berg, Eric Harris, Gennifer Glancy, Gordon Lamb, Henry Owings, Jeff Montgomery, Jim Stacy, John Fernandes, Lucy Lesser, Mary Jessica Hammes, Melissa Link, Murphy Wolford, Nic Holt, Pete Erchick, Pete McBrayer, Robbie Cucchiaro, Ryan Lewis, Trish Scurry, and Wilma.

About the filmmaker:
Diane M. Campese moved to Athens in February 2006 to make Tracking the Gorilla. As a graduate of New York University with a degree in Photo/Mass Media, Diane hosted "The Pop Life," a weekly radio broadcast that showcased the myopic world of sugary indie pop. One odd Athens compilation offered the song "Indian X," and she has been enamored with 8-Track Gorilla ever since. Armed with her first video camera and a smile, she imposed a five-year standing dare on herself to complete her first film.
A native of Wilmington, DE, Diane graduated in 2002 from NYU, and then accidentally moved back to Delaware. From Delaware to San Francisco, and then down to Athens, Diane has spent the last five years shooting personal photos and working a range of jobs. Prior to her endeavors as a filmmaker she was a bar bouncer, personal ad editor, custom photo printer, barista, office lackey, and antique porn archivist. Future plans include two more photo series to be shot in Athens and a Master's in Education.

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007 - Sunday, November 11th, 2007
Animal Instincts:
Allegory & Anthropomorphism
Curator: Melissa Link | Assistant Curator: Mark Watkins
Exhibit Photo
Exhibit Photo
Billie Grace Lynn, Dead Mouse (2003), inflatable sculpture, photo ©2007 Sara Guevara Heidi Jensen, Leak (2007), graphite & acrylic
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  • Since the dawn of time, animals have inspired our artistic impulses. From prehistoric cave paintings to the half-beast gods of the ancient world, from the fables of Aesop to the corporate mascots and blockbuster animated features of contemporary popular culture, it is clear that the human-animal connection is one of the most primordial and persistent relationships in all of civilization.
    We lay our babies down to sleep with stuffed bears and tales of frog princes, hapless pigs, and the Big Bad Wolf. And it’s no surprise that when a child first takes crayon to paper, animals are among their earliest discernible images.
    Yet what is it about these furry, feathered, scaly, and slimy creatures that so captivates us—these supposedly senseless beings upon whose flesh we feast, whose labors we relied upon to build our civilizations and conquer uncharted lands, whose fangs and claws we fear, whose habitats we plunder and pave over, and whose antics provide us with endless entertainment?
    Animal Instincts: Allegory & Anthropomorphism explores questions of individual and societal tendencies to imbue other species with purely human physical and psychological characteristics, frequently revealing more about human nature and philosophical ideals than the increasingly precarious state of animal existence.
    From the wacky cartoony wonderlands of local Athenians such as Jill Carnes, Joe Havasy, Andrew Cayce, and Dan Smith to the creepy psycho-sexual situations portrayed by the likes of Heidi Jensen and Kenny Aguar, to the moral complexities of animal rights issues present in Jessica May, Louise Zjawin Franke, and Ellen Jantzen’s work, this exhibit will grant viewers numerous opportunities to relate to animals from a fresh contemporary perspective.
    War and Animal Allegory
    The gallery is dominated by nationally renowned Miami artist Billie Grace Lynn’s 30-foot inflatable, Dead Mouse. Lynn, who showed at ATHICA in the January 2007 exhibit, “Transience: The Paradox of Being,” now offers an absurdly oversized gory reinterpretation of an American icon, making for a poignant statement on emptiness and innocence lost in an era of unrestrained capitalist imperialism and war. ATHICA is very excited to be finally exhibiting this ambitious work, submitted to our Annual Review Committee in 2006.

    Participating Artists
    Featuring dead mouse, a 30-foot long inflatable sculpture by
    Billie Grace Lynn from Miami, Florida
    as well as painting, drawing, photo, prints, and new media by 19 artists from Athens and around the United States:
    Kenny Aguar (Athens, GA); Matt Blanks
    (Athens, GA); Jill Carnes (Athens, GA); Andrew Cayce (Athens, GA); Louise Zjawin Francke (Efland, NC); Joe Havasy (Athens, GA); Ellen Jantzen (Valencia, CA); Heidi Jensen (Jacksonville Beach, FL); Jessica May (St. Louis, MO); Jacqueline Meeks (Nashville, TN); Rosemary Mendicino (Athens, GA); Diane Meyer (California); Blake Sanders (New Orleans, LA); Dorothy Schultz (Trumbull, CT); Dan Smith (Athens, GA); Beth Thompson (Athens, GA); Margi Weir (Placitas, NM); Jeffrey Whittle (Athens, GA).

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