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Annie Strader, Detail of Bound to Love (2007), installation; Romance novels, staples, paint, 6' x 10' x 6"

Affiliated Events:
Sunday, May 31
3:00- 6:00 p.m.
Closing Day Symposium

3:00 - Start sale of Raffle tickets
$3.00 wins you a couple's facial from:
or a neck massage

3:15 - 5:30 -

3:15 Jyl Live! 
Jyl Inov, Author of 'Reality Check,' the popular Flagpole Magazine love advice column, will answer questions* live via cell phone, with the aid of local UGA MFA actress Stephanie Davis.

*To submit your romantic problem for Jyl's consideration, please email it to craftingromance@athica.org by May 29, 3:00 p.m., with 'Jyl question' as your subject line.

Josh Barnett

Founder of GayInAthens

Mr Barnett will discuss how American "ideals" stifle romance in the gay community, and how Athenians are fighting back.
4:30  Vadis Turner

Our Featured Artist

Ms Turner will discuss her witty, fascinating artwork, and new and old projects.
5:00  Artists' Panel Discussion:

Bob Clements,
Brian Hitselberger*
Sarah Laurentius
Jessi Wohl*

Vadis Turner
Moderated by the curators
* Hitselberger & Wohl will be discussing Stitches, a two hour long performance piece that took place on the gallery porch on April 30.

Photos courtesy Wayne Bellamy
5:30  Rece
Raffle Winners Announced
(Do not have to be present to win.)
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for AV donation!
Friday, April 10th, 2009 - Sunday, May 31st, 2009
Crafting Romance
Curator: Rebecca Ray Brantley | Co-Curator: Nathanael Roesch
| Assistant Curator: Amy Chicola
Exhibit Photo
Exhibit Photo
Vadis Turner, detail of Three Tiered Wedding Cake (2009), mixed media Cindy Hinant, detail of Twenty Minutes (2009), stickers
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  • Taking on the age-old theme of love, Crafting Romance focuses on expressions of love, especially on their association with domestic and decorative arts--realms traditionally thought of as separate and lesser enterprises than the fine arts--despite the legacy of over 30 years of feminist art practice. While this colorful collection of international and national works was produced in a wide variety of media--jewelry, video, drawing, installation, photography, sculpture, sticker-art and more--it is bound together by its wit and relationship to craft.
    *As a few works deal with adult subject matter, those planning to attend with minors may wish to preview the exhibit.

    The issue of “craft” inspires a hard look at the time-honed narratives
    that have defined love’s boundaries--conventions and taboos written into
    Western myths of origin from the Greek pantheon’s series of trysts and
    betrayals to the desire that rifted the Garden of Eden. Endlesslyre-scripted, these expectations and longings continue to permeate our stories from Romeo and Juliet to Sex and the City. Culled from nearly 200 submissions, these 16 artists and two artist teams draw on this long tradition in order to encourage reflection on how we construct our identities and relationships with one another.
    Crafting Romance launches ATHICA's Nurture Series of exhibitions, which will focus on personal connections through various life stages.

    At the heart of Crafting Romance are the conceptual objects and
    installations by featured artist Vadis Turner.

    Note: Subsequent to this exhibition, Reception, a large installation piece of a similar nature to those shown in this exhibit, was purchased by the  Brooklyn Museum of Art for their  Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art. (The site for her concurrent exhibit at Lyons Wier Gallery in NYC 2009 has better images of the piece.)

    The Brooklyn-based artist draws attention to the ways in which contemporary women craft their own highly mediated, biologically enhanced bodies and identities: jeweled objects made from birth-control pills, false eyelashes created from slivers of her own diplomas, a box of faux chocolates made out of
    pantyhose and cotton-balls and a pristine wedding cake sculpted out of
    tampons. Following suit, this exhibition includes a mix of international,
    regional and local artists who investigate our culture’s romance with
    romance, taking on everything from the public pomp and ceremony of
    weddings to our private fetishes.

    Just as Turner transforms the meaning of commonplace objects and environments, Cindy Hinant ‘s telephone sculptures live up to their title, “The Ecstasy of Communication,” by playing with a suggestive visual language familiar from a time when we all had landlines. Her bright, pastel-colored telephones--which look more fisher-price than functional--cuddle and embrace as if inspired by the terminology of ‘three-way calling,’ ‘*69,’ even ‘call-waiting.’ Hinant will also contribute a pair of mesmerizing drawings and install a site-specific wall of thousands of commercially-produced stickers, that also comments on long-distance relationships.

    Participating Artists
    Featured artist: Vadis Turner (Brooklyn, NY)

    Participating Artists:
    Christian Barre and Catherine Plaisance (Québec, Canada), Ashley Buchanan
    * (Athens, GA), Alexandra Carter (Memphis, TN), Robert Clements (Athens, GA), Jordan Gushwa and Sarah Lauck (Bloomfield Hills, MI), Erin Rose Gardner *(Portland, OR), Cindy Hinant (Indianapolis, IN), Wes Kline (Gainesville, FL), Sarah Laurentius (Athens, GA), Maria Lewis* (Soderfors, Sweden), Mary Pearse* (Athens, GA), Nora Rabins (Providence, RI), Pam Rogers (Bethesda, MD), Annie Strader (Wichita, KS), Emily Sullivan* (Cincinnati, OH), Stephanie Voegele* (Athens, GA), Jen Wall* (Eugene, OR)

    *Our first exhibit featuring numerous metals artists' jewelry-inspired artworks.

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