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C.J. Boyd

Thursday, February 11th, 2010
07:00 PM

C.J. Boyd Sextet
with local Killick on H'arpeggione
Exhibit Photo
Exhibit Photo
C.J. Boyd Sextet Killick with H'arpeggione
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  • $6.00 Suggested donation (but no one turned away for lack of funds.)

    Come on out for an exciting evening of experimental music curated by Leslie Grove and Justin Kau.

    This performance features The CJ Boyd Sextet an ever-changing, ever-touring improvisational chamber orchestra. Dynamically, the music may range between the most fragile and introspective meditations and powerfully pulsing rhythms. With their improvisational ethos so central to the project, one never knows exactly what to expect.

    Athens' own Killick opens with an improvisation on a unique stringed instrument, the H'arpeggione.

    C.J. Boyd has released 10 records in the last decade, including three solo records filled with layers of bass guitar and double bass, and others ranging from prog rock to hip hop. While he is primarily known as an electric bass guitarist, this year sees him playing more double bass in the Sextet, which has opted for an entirely acoustic sound based on the approach of a chamber orchestra. Since March of 2008, C.J. has been on one continuous tour throughout North America and Europe. The American and Canadian portions of the "forever tour" are accomplished with the help of his trusty vehicle, the "Jambulance," an old Ambulance that C.J. runs on vegetable oil and diesel fuel.

    Dominique Hamilton will lend her soulful viola stylings to the event. She plays regularly in the Skekses and Winkawerken, and performs with other St. Louis artists and bands whenever possible, including the now defunct Holy Holy Holy. She loves improvising, ice sculpting, and horseshoes.

    For more information and samples of the sextet's recordings:

    Killick, of Athens, Georgia explores the edges of possibility in sound with the H'arpeggione, an 18-string plucked and bowed hybrid by California luthier Fred Carlson. Balancing sonic focus with temporal openness, Killick guides deep into the heart of beauty to access ancient knowledge, following the muse where the spirits roam. His music is Appalachian Trance Metal, a dynamic body/soul/mind system. Inspired by the Fugates of Troublesome Creek, Smurfs, and colloidal silver overuse, Killick is on a lifelong mission to turn a sizeable swatch of his skin blue. Blue is the color of the sky, water, the throat chakra, and is also known as the color of desperation.
    For more information and samples of Killick's recordings:
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