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Thursday, July 15th, 2010
07:00 PM - 08:00 PM

Uncertainty Walk n' Talk
An Informal Discussion with Curators and Artists
Exhibit Photo
Exhibit Photo
From L to R: Jon Swindler, Katherine Holmes & Casey McGuire From L to R: Katherine McQueen, Melissa Dickenson & Patrick Triggs
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  • Come join artists & curators for an informal  Walk n' Talk tour of ATHICA Emerges IV: Uncertainty, our summer exhibition of four regional artists whose works all have a metaphorical relationship to the uncertain times we face. Through installation, painting, printmaking and sculpture their artworks lead us to fascinating explorations of the sources and nature of precariousness.

    Casey McGuire's multi-media installation Diving Through Surface into Light looks at the uncertainty of the recent financial meltdown and its aftermath; her large installation uses TV's and bureau's and other discards from foreclosed homes.

    Jon Swindler's printmaking series The Unfortunate Nature of Lithography investigates the precariousness of physical and mental health through its use of the misfires created by green chemicals, which he presents in a highly innovative manner.

    Melissa Dickinson's Cut-Paper II series are at once beautiful flower compositions, but also explorations of the cash crop of Sudan--the hibiscus--and the violence that surrounds it.

    Patrick Trigg's abstract paintings can be seen as metaphor for society, with each piece depending on the others to hold it together.

    All of these artists raise an awareness of the interconnectedness of our world reminding us that we need to tread lightly, as uncertainty is around every corner.

    Curator Katherine McQueen and Assistant Curator Katherine Holmes will also be on hand to discuss this year's selections.

    Participating Artists

    Curator: Katherine McQueen
    Assistant Curator: Katherine Holmes

    Featured artist: Casey McGuire
    Melissa Dickenson
    Jon Swindler
    Patrick Triggs

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