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10th Anniversary Letter from the ATHICA Board
Spring 2012

Wow, ten years! What a huge accomplishment!  In the decade since March 2002, ATHICA: Athens Institute for Contemporary Art has become the primary local showcase for the avant-garde in art, music and performance. Under the leadership of its founding director, Lizzie Zucker Saltz, ATHICA has presented an amazing and diverse series of themed shows for the Athens arts community. No other local gallery has been so relentlessly devoted to high-quality, thought-provoking contemporary art.

Over the years Lizzie and a fleet of volunteers have launched 45
exhibitions with many more affiliated events. Such innovative programming has transformed a fledgling organization into one of the few non-profit galleries to have earned a regional and national reputation. 
ATHICA's laundry-list of accomplishments will be celebrated over the course of our tenth year. Check out the ATHICA website if you need proof of these lofty claims.

Change is inevitable for any institution and Lizzie has announced she
plans to transition out as Artistic Director, moving into emerita status and on to other pursuits.

Hence, ATHICA's second decade will also begin a new chapter.

This picture shows many ATHICA Board members as well as volunteers and interns who attended the 10th Birthday party on Sunday, March 4th. From left to right, front row: Katherine Hodges, Judy McWillie, Lauren Willamson, Havivah Lizzie, Noah and David
Z. Saltz, Caroline Warner, Katie Faulkner. Back row: Sage Rogers, Michael Lachowski, Ted Kuhn, John English, Stanley Bermudez, Elliot Gootman (obscured).

ATHICA's board has decided to take advantage of this transition to
re-evaluate and restructure the organization. Instead of rushing to hire a
new director, the ATHICA board will divide up the myriad tasks that go
into making the gallery operate. The board will lead the charge, but we
want as much community involvement as possible. We will need lots of
support with fundraising, marketing, curating and general gallery
management. We hope those that feel ATHICA is an important part of the Athens art community will help us continue the important work Lizzie started. ATHICA earned its non-profit status because it has always had a community-based focus. While its mission will remain the same, keeping the bar high will never be easy.

The board also believes this 10th anniversary is a time to re-evaluate the
different aspects of ATHICA. We will be seeking community feedback on how patrons would like ATHICA to move forward into its second decade. In the following weeks, we will be sending out a survey to gain a better idea of how you, ATHICA's community, feels about the organization. We feel that your input is critical as we plan for the future.

With your help, ATHICA can continue to bring exciting contemporary art to Athens. Thank you for the past ten years.  Now let's get ready for the next ten!


The ATHICA Board
March 22, 2012

ATHICA Officers:
Katherine McQueen, President
Elliot Gootman, Treasurer
Jordan Rothacker, Secretary

Board Members:
John English
Katherine Hodges
Michael Lachowski
Judith McWillie
Beth Sale

P.S. If you are interested in being involved with ATHICA please contact

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